Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another camping trip

We have been crazy busy. I feel like we are hardly home...we go from one thing to the next. And anyone who knows me knows that I LIKE to be home. I might be getting a little homesick!

Last weekend we had planned to go to Wenatchee with John's family, but our plans were altered by wildfires. We ended up near Snoqualmie Pass, near a little lake. Unfortunately, while the forecast was in the low 100's in Wenatchee, it was only in the low 70's where we were. I had envisioned a weekend of paddleboarding and playing by the lake, but I didn't quite get my way. 

Either way, we still managed a short paddleboard trip, the boys got to try out Archer's inflatable raft that he got for his birthday, and Ender got to take her first swim in the lake. 
Smoky sky

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