Saturday, July 12, 2014

So much to do... little time to blog about it!

We have been camping, going to the beach, bike riding, golfing, gardening, playing in the sprinklers, enjoying the outdoors, going to the park, going to Silverwood...and so much more. Summer has been crazy busy! I've been snapping pictures when I get a chance (how did I ever take pictures before iPhones??), but not as often as I wish I would!

Yummy garden bounty! Our peas are finally ending, the strawberries are just about done, and the blueberries and raspberries are just getting started. We've picked a handful of cherry tomatoes, but not many yet. We enjoyed our first beautiful head of broccoli, and we're anxiously awaiting green beans! I'm going to try a Fall garden this year, so we're getting ready to plant that.
We are fortunate to have a neighbor who gets us free tickets to lots of events at the fairgrounds. We get to go to way more events than we would Monster Trucks!

Selfie by the 4-yr-old

Poor B! He was walking Ender and had a little issue!

We went camping over the 4th. Not my pick of times to camp, but it wasn't too crowded and most of us had a good time. (I was kinda cranky and not feeling like camping.)

After we got back from camping, we did a little fireworks celebration in our backyard.

Ender LOVES the sprinkler. In fact, we've been turning it on just for her, even if the boys don't want to play. She will run through it as long as it's on!

This kid is working his way through a big summer reading list


Oh, yuba. We LOVE the yuba. It has enabled bike rides that might not be possible otherwise.

And take a look at our weather forecast! I'm envisioning lots of ripe tomatoes in our near future!
High 90's! Thunderstorms! Sunshine! Lows in the 60's! This is why I insist on only taking vacations in the winter/Spring. Who wants to leave this???

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