Monday, August 4, 2014

Huckleberry Picking

We went huckleberry picking twice last weekend! John is a huge huckleberry fan, and the boys love them too. I'm more of a blueberry girl, but I have to admit, huckleberry pancakes are pretty delish...even more than blueberry pancakes. We try to go a couple of times per year, but usually we only end up with a quart or 2 to freeze, along with a few to eat fresh.

This year though! The bushes were LOADED! We could've easily picked twice as many if we weren't trying to keep it fun for the kids, and we still got probably about 1.5 gallons. Our freezer is now loaded, and we had yummy pancakes AND milkshakes! 

Ender LOVED the huckleberries. She was eating them off the bushes!
Slight mishap...this boy fell down that gigantic dirt hill in the first picture. Ouch!

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