Monday, August 4, 2014

Just Some Summer Fun

I'm trying to enjoy the summer and not think about the fact that it's almost August and my boys (all 3!!) will be heading to school soon. I wish it was June again (with July weather of course).

Just a few pics of the SUMMER from the last few days...

Our garden is producing a bounty of kohlrabi, peas (still!), kale, peppers, and green beans. Less bountiful are the tomatoes (we've only gotten a few), and the raspberries are slowing down sadly. We have a handful of blueberries here and there. We have a few baby sprouts on our Brussels sprouts that I'm pretty excited about! Possibly the most exciting thing about Fall will be our Fall garden that I'm working on right now.

Just beautiful. I love the sunsets from our backyard.

Oh yes, 108! Hot hot hot! We had escaped the heat for a trip to the movies with friends, but when we got out to the car, I burned my legs on the seats. Ouch. 

Friends visiting from Oregon

Coffee/OJ date with the littlest while the other 2 were at golf lessons

Apparently 100 degrees is too hot for most people around here, so we got to enjoy an afternoon at the splash pad ALONE. And to make it even quieter, Preston was at a friend's house!
See? Not too hot for us! I finally had to force him to come into the shade and drink some water.

These 2. Adorable.

Pool noodle cage fighting!

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