Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Days

Slipping away. I feel like summer is disappearing before my eyes! We have been busy busy busy and of course that makes it go even quicker. Not what I want happening when I want to be savoring the hot sunny days!

My parents and sister just came for a visit (they left today) and brought their tiny rescued kitten, Rocky, along. Needless to say, we now have 3 boys who want to kitty! Poor boys were shut down by their parents who couldn't handle any more craziness. But look at this cuteness! I can't blame the boys for being a bit love struck!
I may have spent a lot of time cuddling Rocky, and taking pictures of him because he's so photogenic!

We had another 4 legged visitor as well...

B also got to do a little birthday celebration while Momma & Poppa were here. He was super excited about his Star Wars lego set, but the crossbow was definitely the big hit. The boys have been target shooting!

We had a bit of excitement last weekend when John, my dad, and the boys went fishing at a little mountain lake - 10 miles up a little windy dirt road In the middle of nowhere. We just recently replaced our tiny Subaru with a diesel truck since John no longer has a commute (he bikes to work most days) and we are working towards being debt free. We bought a truck that was cheap. We knew it had some issues, but we took it to 2 shops and while there are things that need to be done, nothing that should immediately make it can probably guess where this is going. I got a call from John in the mid-afternoon that the truck wouldn't start. He and I both called around and basically accomplished nothing. We couldn't find any tow trucks willing or able to go up that road! Thank goodness we live in N. Idaho where every other person has a diesel truck. There were lots of people trying to diagnose the issue to no avail, BUT there was a guy up at the lake who had a flatbed trailer who was willing to tow the truck down! He ended up towing it all the way to the service department at a car dealer. I wish I had some pictures of how the whole thing went down, but I was too busy biting my nails at the way they had to load and unload the truck!

Other than that excitement, we've been swimming, going to the beach, 
bike riding,
 going to the park, gardening,
 squirt gun fighting, 
and just generally go go going. John and I even snuck in a date night while my parents were here (never mind that it was a dinner put on by an investment company!). It was beautiful weather and the scenery was perfect. We got to sit outside and eat a yummy dinner while looking out at the lake. Not a bad date night!

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