Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Festivities

Wow. Busy. I'm so relieved that it's Christmas break, but I kinda doubt it will slow things down too much unfortunately. I'm hopeful for a few days of relaxation, and just enjoying some family time. 

We've been going to Christmas parties, busy with Cub Scouts, school stuff, sing-along at school, church Christmas program...last week was just crazy. The weather has also been unusually warm (50's today!!!) and you know I'm loving that! It looks like there may not be a white Christmas in N. Idaho for the 2nd year in a row! I am a little afraid that the REAL winter weather is going to hit us hard at some point, but for now, I'll enjoy the warmth. I'm not sad that we haven't been skiing yet, but I know the other 4 in my family are kinda disappointed about it. 

We built a gingerbread village this morning, including a train and even some gluten free houses! I had intentions of making a grain free gingerbread house from scratch, but I ran out of time so we used gluten free graham crackers instead. They worked really well - I was surprised that we didn't have any major gingerbread catastrophes until the end when Archer accidentally knocked his down. 

And then this afternoon the boys got to go to Dad's office for cleanings and x-rays. No cavities! And we even got to have a quick lunch with Dad afterwards which is super exciting for all of us. I'm looking forward to having some relaxing days since he will be taking some vacation time for the first time since buying the practice. Yay!

Tonight was Christmas caroling with friends. A lot of people showed up, and the kids had so much fun running from door to door and knocking. Apparently I am a slacker mom, and my kids didn't even know what Christmas caroling was until I told them we were going. Oops. But they sang the songs they knew, and had fun with their friends. Plus had some hot chocolate to go along with the fun!

Cutest Rudolph ever!

Not many good pics of this, but we had our first Ideal Family Dentistry Christmas party! It was a success! (At least I think it was!)

We spent a (loooooong) evening at Triple Play. Bowling, rock climbing, laser tag, mini golf, arcade, and water park. My boys could stay there forever!
Preston and his friend (Preston!)
This is as close as we will get to visiting Santa :)

On the way to church this morning with these handsome guys!
The Angel (who got to recite part of the Christmas Story)


Cute little Shepherd

The kids did such a good job! They all sang their hearts out, and most of them stayed and sang for both services.

Archer hanging out with a moose at the bookstore

I'm sold on the idea of individual gingerbread houses. I'll have to remember that for next year! So much easier than trying to have them all work on one house!

Christmas caroling! We went to a subdivision that isn't too far away since the houses in our neighborhood are on 1+ acre lots, and there aren't any sidewalks/street lights. Good for kids to play in the yards...not so good for caroling (or trick-or-treating for that matter!).

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