Monday, December 29, 2014


We almost had a white Christmas this year. We got snow on Christmas Eve, but it all melted off before Christmas! And we had a couple of days of snowless weather before we got hit with the snow again. John's mom took the boys overnight on the 23-24th, so John and I got to take a nice, snowy walk to the store on Christmas Eve.

We did Christmas with Grandma on Christmas Eve, and then stayed home on Christmas Day. It's nice to have quiet (well, as quiet as it gets in our house anyway...) holidays at home. We had a fun relaxing day. The boys got to spend some time enjoying their gifts, and playing games. 

We finally got Just Dance for the Wii and the kids love it! 

We decided to go skiing (first day this season) on Saturday. When we left in the morning, it was very light snowing, but it got kinda crazy while we were on the mountain. On the way home, cars were sliding all over the road and pulling over all over the place making for some interesting driving conditions. It took us about twice as long as usual to get home! Not a fun time. But then short after we got home, the cousins arrived! My brother and his family stopped by for a night on their way back to Oregon from Canada. It was so fun for the kids to see their cousins, and we had plenty of snow for them to play in! 

I can't believe how quickly break is going. We only have one week left! I'm not ready for school to start again. I think we need a longer break!!

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