Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter Stuff

Last night was the "school night" at the Spokane Chiefs, so we took the boys to their first hockey game. The seats were decent, and the game was pretty exciting. Unfortunately, we had to leave pretty early because we had to get up super early this morning for Preston's first ski race.

Preston has been on the ski team for about 2 months now, but we had decided that he would just practice this year, not race. Wellll...with the weather as crazy warm as it has been, some of the other mountains are closed, or have really reduced hours, so "our" mountain had an extra race today and Preston decided to go for it. He raced two runs and had so much fun! He said today was "the best day ever!!!"

B making first tracks in the powder super early this morning.

Preston ready to go!
Crossing the finish line!

Archer relaxing in the snow (I thought he was going to fall asleep!)

B goofing around

Celebratory root beers :)

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