Friday, February 6, 2015


We actually started off our trip with a day at Disney before Legoland, but Legoland was only 1 day, and Disney was 3.5 days, so I'm starting small! 

The boys HAD to go to Legoland. It was a higher priority for them than Disneyland. Weirdo's! :) I'm glad we went, but really. It wasn't that great. There were a few rides that were fun, but when you compare it to Disneyland...well, no comparison in my opinion! It was fun for the kids though, and our longest wait in line was only about 10 minutes. The local people we talked to said there are hardly ever any lines. Definitely a plus! And the kids enjoyed the Lego Chima 4D movie too. 
The police/rescue area was a big hit with Archer, of course!

After Legoland, we hit the beach for a little bit. We didn't have a ton of time, and of course the kids were soaked within 10 seconds, but it was so nice to enjoy the sand, sunshine, and ocean! I've said it so many times, I know, but I miss the beach! The OCEAN beaches. Lake "beaches" don't cut it for me. They're okay - and much better than nothing! - but it's just not the same as the ocean. John and I both thought we could've used an extra vacation day just to spend it relaxing on the beach, but maybe next year.
I wrote "Bryton" in the sand, but B wanted to write it, double Bryton!

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