Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Puddle Jumping Excursion

We went out in the rain today.  We came in completely soaked and FREEZING, but still.  It was RAIN, not snow.  That's a big improvement!  This was Archer's first real experience with jumping in mud puddles and he LOVED it.  Last Spring he wasn't walking yet so he only got to observe from the stroller or my back.  He was so cute...he squealed with every splash.  He wasn't too thrilled when his pants got totally soaked so I had to carry him part of the way home, but he kept insisting that I put him down so he could splash in a puddle here and there. 

This weekend we put in some new raised garden beds (yay!) and our project for the upcoming weekend is to get the dirt in them.  It's starting to feel like spring might be just around the corner.  I know lots of people move to this area because they want to experience all 4 seasons, but I was thinking today that I'd be happy with 2 seasons: Spring and Summer.  Preferably 3/4 of the year summer and 1/4 spring.  Alright, totally not feasible in N. Idaho - but I can dream, right?

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  1. I'd be content with Spring and Fall!! I don't like the extreme temps!