Friday, March 25, 2011

A Month of Hair

Bryton had the BEST bed-head this morning.  I took a few pictures, and when I went to upload them I realized that it had been a while and the camera had quite a few pictures on it.  Then I started looking at the pictures.  It's official.  My boys' hair is COMPLETELY out of control. 

The only way we can keep it somewhat under control is to buzz it, but they like "long hair" and hair is not really something that we choose to fight over.  Plus, when it's buzzed, we have to cut it about every 2-3 weeks in order for it to be short enough to stay under control and they HATE home haircuts.  Really really hate them.  Preston claims to be scarred by an incident where we "forced" him to cut his hair about 2 years ago (what happened was that he wanted his hair cut, so we started cutting it...and he wanted us to stop after one swipe.  Not going to happen.  So we persevered, and apparently the rest is history).  So you do the math.  $10 per kid per hair cut every couple of weeks = lots of $.  Incidentally, they love going to get their hair cut.  I've tried it all (many, many bribes.  I'm not above bribing in these situations!) and no luck.  They still despise having their hair cut at home.

Anyway, enough justifying.  Check out their hair styles from the past month!
Okay, so this one was actually helped along by the static, but still...

2 out of 3 with crazy hair.  Archer's hair is definitely crazy in the making, it just hasn't quite gotten there yet.

P&B having a little game time.
B's hair this morning!
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