Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Aquarium

I think I have mentioned it before, but Preston and Bryton love all-things-aquatic.  Well, more like all things animal & nature, but aquatic seems to be the favorite.  I was pretty excited to hear that Groupon had a spectacular deal on Oregon Coast Aquarium tickets right before our trip, so of course we had to fit it in to our trip.

The touch tank - P&B loved the anemone's the most!

Gigantic squid made from beach litter.  They had tons of art made from garbage at the sad that there is that much trash that people dump!
Preston would have stayed in this little room forever.  Magnifying glass + science book = Preston's idea of perfection.
He was SO excited to pet the snake, but B didn't want anything to do with the real snake...
...however, he was/is pretty infatuated with his "pet" snake.
Archie, all buckled up and ready to head out!  He slept through a lot of the aquarium, and was on my back the whole time.  He woke up to see most of the outside exhibits, and he loved the otters!

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