Friday, April 22, 2011

Goodbye 20's

It's official.  I've moved on from the 20's.

My 20's were filled with EVENTS.  Getting married.  Graduating from college.  Having babies.  Touring and skydiving in New Zealand.  Road trips.  Disneyland.  Moving many, many times.  I wish that we had more time to travel, but maybe that is still to come as our kids get older.

I can only hope that my 30's will be as exciting as my 20's!

I mean, with a birthday present like this, life is bound to be exciting right? 
Dyson Digital Slim!
Seriously though, I've blogged before about my love for functional presents and I'm pretty excited to replace my old, mediocre but functional, cordless vac with a pretty (also cordless but hopefully better than mediocre) Dyson!  I was constantly clogging up my other one with dog hair and I'm pretty sure this will solve the problem.  Plus, now I'll be able to move the old cordless vac upstairs which is exciting in itself!

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