Friday, April 22, 2011

Snowball Fight!

I'm TRYING to remain optimistic, but really, if I was to ask for unusual/extreme weather for a birthday gift, it would NOT BE snow - it would be 90 degrees and sunny.  This is (unfortunately) the 2nd time we've had snow on my birthday in the past 3 years.  Not my idea of a good time.  It is supposed to be SPRING!

The boys love it though, and John took them outside to play in the snow while I sat and enjoyed a quiet cup of tea (that lasted all of 3 minutes until Archer was cold and came inside...then threw a huge temper tantrum because he wanted to be outside with his brothers and Daddy).

A few pictures of our LAST SNOW (please, please let that be true!):
Preston getting ready to go out in the snow.  He was determined to wear the goggles!

B!  He wanted to make snow angels, but we talked him out of it thankfully.
Archie, before he got cold.
P&B had a crazy snowball fight with Daddy.
Preston was completely RUTHLESS.
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  1. Happy Birthday, Melissa! Sorry you got snow for it though. I got snow for your birthday too, and it's LAME.

    Hope your day is wonderful, in spite of the frozen tundra.