Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Archer Turns 2!

Finally.  Only 2 weeks late!  Pictures of my Baby Boy's birthday!
Waiting for breakfast
Presents!  He was so excited about his train track...it was the first present he opened and he just carried the box around for about 5 minutes until we convinced him to open another present.
Sock Monkey jack-in-the-box.  Really irritating, but he LOVES it.  He loves making it pop, but can't put it back in very well so every 5 seconds he brings it to me to "put away" so he can turn the handle again.
Archer went for a swim, then came inside to get dressed.  Since he's so independent these days, he insisted on doing it himself.  Not too successful, but cute!  He walked around like this (or, attempted to) for a couple of minutes.  It was pretty good entertainment.
Airplane birthday cake
Nice & messy
We went for a hike to check on our favorite huckleberry spot (they'll be ready soon!).  The boys were "hiding" in the foliage to surprise me.
Yes, he might need a haircut soon.  Sad.
Getting ready to throw a temper tantrum...time to go home!

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