Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Beach, Part 1

I lived in Oregon for 26 years and there have only been a handful of days that I remember the weather being warm enough at the beach to actually GO IN THE WATER without freezing.  And we got to experience 2 of those days this week!  Preston was waist-deep in the water in the bay without flinching and B & Arch were happily soaking wet as well.  We built sand-castles, collected shells, played with our friends, went in the hot tub, explored the beach...we had so much fun!  (Fair warning here: the next couple of posts will be full of pictures!)
Before the sun came was still relatively warm but definitely not as pleasant as it was later in the day.

Digging a hole.  It's amazing how much time boys can spend digging in sand!
Even the 2 year old occupied himself the entire time.  Some of it at the expense of his brothers' sand castles...but still!
B trying to hide the stick that he found

The sun came out - it was warm enough for me to get in the water!
Boys in the bay.
B posing.  Doesn't this almost look like a tropical beach?!  Almost.

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