Friday, August 12, 2011

"Summer" Garden

I don't really think this is a typical summer garden thanks to the crazy weather we've had, but here is what is growing on our little lot of land...
Tomatoes - we've only had 1 full size ripe tomato, and a handful of cherry tomatoes.  TONS of green ones!  Hopefully they ripen up before it frosts!
Corn - This is John's project.  We are currently growing corn in 2 Earthboxes...they're looking pretty good so far.  They did run out of water while we were in Oregon, but they seem to be making a full recovery.
Blueberries!  It's rare to find a ripe one on the bushes though, they tend to get picked & eaten as soon as they show more blue than green.
Baby Apples.
Blackberries...yum!  I can't wait until they are ripe!
Peas...we've been getting peas for an incredibly long time and they just keep producing.  No complaints from the boys though - these rarely make it inside either since they graze on them throughout the day.
We just started getting raspberries a couple of weeks ago.  Our patch is a little out of control and difficult to pick...we'll have to thin it more next year!
My puny little pepper plant.
Green beans
Tomato forest
And the most exciting for last: the beginnings of a pomegranate?!
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