Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Hurrah

My big boys are starting school in one week, so we had a final camping trip planned this past weekend to Glacier Nat'l Park.  Unfortunately John's dad isn't doing well (prayers appreciated!) so we decided to stay close by and within cell service.  We were close enough to be able to drive back and forth to Spokane which worked out great for visiting Grandpa.  We ended up only spending one night there due to the circumstances, but we fit in plenty of fishing time.
Daddy with the big boys

Me with my boys
Big boys being silly
Archer & B napping - they refused to nap at camp but the second we'd get in the car to go to Spokane, they were OUT.  Archer propping his feet up was so cute!
Fishing at sunset (Hayden Lake)
Archer's perch.
"What'd you catch B?" "Aaaaahhhh, SEAWEED AGAIN?!"
The most determined 5 year old fisherman you will ever find.
Breakfast around the campfire.  (Like his outfit?  Did I mention it was COLD?  Yeah, 43 degrees in the middle of August.  Why do we live in N. Idaho again?)
Preston multi-tasking: eating breakfast while blowing bubbles.
Silly B
Like I said, COLD.

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