Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

Who needs "tradition" - we are making our own traditions!

Yesterday morning, John took Preston turkey hunting. It was unsuccessful as far as meat goes, but Preston had a great time out with his dad. This was his first time hunting and he loved it! No pictures, unfortunately...John said they were having too much fun hunting.

When they got home, we dyed Easter eggs. It was amazing...we had NO MESSES! This was the first year that dying eggs was actually enjoyable for everyone involved. In the past, I have made our own natural dyes out of turmeric, spinach, beets, blueberries, etc., but this year I had a natural egg dye kit that I bought and the colors were much more vibrant. And it was a lot easier! The boys had so much fun, and Preston, in particular, was super meticulous. 

We spent the afternoon with Preston's Cub Scout pack at the ice arena. They skated and played broom hockey. All the boys had so much fun! B, especially, is our skater. He loves to roller skate and ice skate, but it was good for him to have some time on the ice when there weren't too many people around and he could really just practice. Preston did fine on skates, but as soon as he put shoes on to play broom hockey, he spent more time down than up. Archer hasn't skated much, and he also spent more time down than up (when skating)...until John waved a dollar in front of him and he took off! Nothing like some money for motivation!

And then this morning...
Daddy cooked up some yummy bunny pancakes!

We got all dressed up the suits that Mommy spent hours and hours neglecting laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc., to make...
And went to church with these handsome boys.

When we got home, we spent time with some friends, and we have been relaxing (and hunting eggs) ever since in the beautiful sunshine.

Life is good. 

So thankful that He died for us. He is risen! 

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