Monday, April 7, 2014

The Cruise

Last year was our first cruise. We chose the cruise line (Norwegian) purely because they had an itinerary we wanted, they had cabins that could accommodate 5, and it was affordable. Since we had a great time, we decided to stick with Norwegian this year, but we ended up in a suite on a bigger boat.

It was nice to have a bigger room and some better dining options. We even had a table in our room and enough space that we could have a meal together in our room, which is a very nice feature when you have three exhausted kids!

So this year, our itinerary was Roatan Honduras, Belize City, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. We chose the itinerary for the first two stops mainly, and Honduras was definitely our favorite stop with Belize being a close second (probably mostly due to the fact that we booked an excursion on that stop that ended up being excellent). 

We ended up leaving our camera on board and we're in the process of attempting to get it back...otherwise all we have are a few cell phone pics! :(

Just after we boarded. This was at the steakhouse that is one of the specialty restaurants for dinner, but since we were staying in a suite, we got to have breakfast & lunch there. It was SO GOOD! We ate there pretty much every day. Soooo much better than the buffet!

Sunset our first evening, from our room. 
John turned 33 (!) while we were on the cruise, and we celebrated at the French restaurant on board.

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