Sunday, May 25, 2014

Golf & Graduation

As school is starting to wrap up, things just seem to be getting crazier and crazier. The boys have finished their final standardized testing (and both passed with flying colors!), and they all seem to be spending most of their time outside since the weather is WARM!

Last weekend we took the boys to the Sportsman's Show at the fairgrounds. We got to see a bear show (complete with an adorable cub!), and they got to be immersed in all things outdoors. But the favorite "event" was the putting contest. Preston won first place and scored himself a set of custom fitted clubs! It has been golf, golf, golf ever since. He has informed me that while he enjoys soccer, basketball, etc., he just wants to play golf from now on. Yesterday he got fitted for the clubs, and had his first lesson. And while we may be a bit bias, the coaches shouldn't be! They all gushed about what a natural he is and how golf is his "thing." So we may be looking into more lessons for this kid!

In other news, B graduated kindergarten! Cutest thing ever. The morning of graduation, B was taking an incredibly long time getting dressed so I went to investigate. I found him with his suit almost completely on (with all of the shirt buttons completely buttoned correctly even!). He was pretty adamant that he dress up, but the weather was supposed to be in the 80's that day plus we were biking...anyway, we found an acceptable substitution, but he insisted on wearing his bow tie anyway.

 The class put on a singing program, and they had a Teddy Bear Tea. The kids each got a Teddy bear after the graduation program, and then they had a celebratory reception with their bears. I love seeing B interact with his friends when his brothers aren't around. I think he tends to get overshadowed at home, but he is a little social butterfly at school. 

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