Saturday, May 10, 2014

The New Ride

For years, I have been pining after a cargo bike. Literally years. And every day as I'm schlepping the boys to and from school, I think "okay, I really need a cargo bike" but of course, I couldn't take the plunge. John even went so far as to buy me one for Christmas two years ago, but I canceled the order. I'm difficult.

Anyway...I got a cargo bike! A yuba mundo. Woohoo! I am considering it my Christmas-anniversary-Valentine's day-birthday-Mother's day present, and I specifically requested that John not buy me any presents for all of those holidays so that I could assuage my guilt a bit. 

It is amazing. Amazing. The first day after it was built, Arch and I rode for about an hour before picking B up from school, just to get a feel for it. We then picked up B (and said hi to P, who happened to be having PE outside...I know I will miss these days where he is still willing to shout out "HI MOM!" in front of all of his friends, while his mom is riding a gigantic beast of a bike and a dorky bike helmet!), went home for a quick lunch, and, after some begging from the boys, we headed out for another hour or so on the bike.
Arch & me on our first ride!

I totally regret not springing for one earlier. Today we loaded all three boys up and went to the Farmer's Market. John rode the yuba (I'm not sure I'm ready for 3 kids on it!), and I rode my "regular" bike, but when we got back home we were both thinking that maybe we need a yuba boda boda now. We could ride 2 kids on the mundo and 1 on the boda and not be restricted to how far little legs want to pedal. Plus, with John's new employment (self-employment!), he will only have a couple of miles to go to work. 
On the way to the farmer's market. We came home with a couple of tomato plants, some celery plants, and an elderberry bush (one of mine isn't looking so good!).

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