Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter Blazers

A little while ago, I blogged about my boys in their Easter suits. I LOVE the blazers, and my boys do too! They love to wear them, and Bryton has been asking me to make him another one that he can wear to school. I have the fabric, so it will be in the works at some point...when I get time to sew again.

But these blazers...seriously...the boys have gotten so many compliments on them, and I have gotten so many people saying "I could NEVER sew that!" to me. And I am pretty convinced that anyone who has basic sewing know-how could sew these blazers.

The pattern I used for the blazers is from Blank Slate Patterns and it is the "Basic Blazer" pattern. It was SO surprisingly simple to make. I have some sewing experience - I grew up watching my mom and grandma sew, but never had much interest in it until a few years ago when I started teaching myself (and re-teaching myself since I had forgotten a lot of things that I probably knew at one point). I was so impressed with this pattern - it was easy to layout the pattern pieces (PDF pattern), the steps were clearly laid out and I actually understood WHAT I was supposed to do without reading it a million times. I already have a wishlist going of other patterns that I want from Blank Slate, and I'm planning to implement a few more details in the next blazer that I sew. Bryton would love some welt pockets! I was hoping to do the welt pockets on these actually, but then I realized that Easter was only a week away and I had three blazers and three pairs of pants to the welt pockets were nixed.

(The pants that I made are the Parsley Pants from Made by Rae which I also LOOOOOOVE!)

These are some handsome boys, right?!

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