Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer! ... for now

I know it's probably not here to stay given the track record of weather here, but we've had a little taste of summer lately! Temps in the 80's and SUN! I've been getting lots of bike rides in and loving the mundo, our garden is in and growing, and we had our first trip to Silverwood for the year today. It doesn't get much more "summer" than that.

We didn't have long to spend at Silverwood today - we went right after picking P up from school and then had a birthday party in the evening - but we got to go on a few of the boys' favorite rides, including two times on the log ride, which is a huge deal to these 3 guys!

I'm so excited for summer!

And just a couple of "catch up" pictures...

Last weekend the boys had some friends over for a backyard camp out. After bringing in all the sleeping bags, bedding, etc., Ender decided to make herself comfy, and of course B had to join in!
So cozy!
The dog who thought she was human!

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