Thursday, September 4, 2014

Number 7!

Yesterday my "little" B turned 7. Pretty sure I can't call him little anymore. 

I love this boy. He's the perfect mix of sweet and BOY! 

At 7...
He loves golf
Loves soccer (and is so excited to start next week!)
Loves dressing up
Loves roller skating and riding bikes
Loves books
Loves to cuddle
Loves camping and "outdoorsy" stuff - fishing, bug catching, etc. 

We have slacked on party planning for this birthday. In past years, we have done a party before school started, but he wanted to wait to make sure he invited all of his school, we waited, and we still don't have a date set! But B doesn't seem to mind. He's too preoccupied with school (loving it!), and his family birthday celebration at the Grille from Ipanema.

A new tie!
And a pocket knife!
Using the pocketknife to open...
Golf clubs!!

He was so excited. He just couldn't believe that he got a pocketknife AND golf clubs AND a new tie! 

I loved the outfit he wore to school today:
But he insisted on posing with his golf clubs first before he would let me take a picture of his outfit!

Tonight we went to dinner at the Grille from Ipanema (a Brazilian steakhouse), which was a nice change from the standard birthday choices of Red Robin or Texas Roadhouse. We all came home stuffed, and the boys are their fill of meat!

He saved a little room for a sundae!

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