Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The End of Summer

I never thought I'd say this, but right now, I am ready for summer to end! Don't get me wrong, I will miss the warm weather and I dread the ice and snow. But right now...I'm sick of the garden stuff! We got a frost last week, and I didn't even care. It was a hard enough frost to kill off our tomato plants and beans, although the actual tomatoes were fine. 

I'm in the midst of mountains of pears right now. I've made pear butter, pear sauce, and I have 10 dehydrator trays full right now. I have tomatoes ripening all over my kitchen and pantry, and I've lost count of how much I've canned. I've done garden veggie juice, tomato soup, salsa, and sauce. And I just feel DONE. And yes, I'll be thankful to have all of this yummy food this winter when we won't have much of a garden (although I'm hoping for a few things in my greenhouse and cold frame!), but right now it's exhausting! 

The boys started soccer, and cub scouts starts tonight. The fall craziness has started, but the summer craziness isn't quite over yet so we're being hit hard! B's birthday party is (finally) this Sunday, so we have preparations for that too, along with the fact that it's hunting season. Oh my goodness. I think I tired myself out just typing all of that. 

But I will say this. I'm thankful for a weather forecast in the high 80's for this week. I'm thankful to be still comfortable biking the boys to and from school. And I'm thankful for our productive garden, even if I'm burnt out on it!!!

I took the boys to Silverwood while John was hunting. He didn't get an elk, but he found this treasure that the boys think is pretty amazing!
John and I went on a date the other night...a bike ride by the lake, appetizers at an Italian restaurant along the bike path, and then sushi and a movie! It was amazing.

Garden corn...yum!
A little backyard four square
Archer doing his first filling :)
And the pears. Pears pears pears!

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