Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Belize City

Belize was one of our favorite stops, and I was so disappointed that we didn't have any pictures at all (this was the only stop where we didn't take a single phone picture). We got the camera back, and I was actually pretty disappointed. I thought we had WAY more pictures on it, and I was sure we had more than one dolphin picture, along with at least one manatee picture. Oh well. At least we have something!

We took a boat ride up the Old Belize River:

I THINK this is supposed to have a manatee in it...not entirely sure. Possibly those shapes out towards the middle/left are manatees??

Manatee sign!

Iguanas. Big iguanas.

Baby croc! (So hard to see, but he's right on the tree trunk with his mouth open.)

The lone dolphin picture. So disappointing, because this dolphin was doing tricks and jumping alongside our boat for a LONG time.

We got off the boat, and went to a resort-y type place for a yummy buffet lunch.

This is a self-guided nature/herbal trail we went on...and we got eaten alive by mosquitoes!

Arch crashed out on the bus from lunch, on our way to Altun Ha ruins

The next few pictures are all of the ruins. It was amazing to see! I've never seen any Mayan ruins before, and this was something that John and I both wanted to see. The boys really loved it too, which surprised me. I kinda thought they would be bored with it, but they loved hiking up to the top, and thought it was all pretty cool!

This is the one that we hiked to the top of. It was a little nerve-wracking with the boys, but fun, and a GREAT view from the top of all of the ruins.

The hike down! It was SO HOT - in the 90's and HUMID - we were ready to be done!

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