Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Costa Maya & Cozumel

Just a few straggler pictures from our stops in Mexico. These were definitely our least favorite stops...Costa Maya seemed like such a touristy place that they kinda force you to do what they want you to do. We ended up at a nice little "beach club" place, with a decent beach and cabanas, but the bus didn't stop where it was supposed to so we had to hike there. If I hadn't done some research before hand, we probably would've ended up at a pricier place near the bus stop. We enjoyed a beach day, nonetheless...the kids especially!
I'm pretty sure I took most of the pics from Costa Maya on my phone!

By the time we got to Cozumel, we were all pretty tired. The kids begged to stay on the boat, so we checked them into the Kid's Club and headed out. We were totally not impressed. It seemed nice enough, and we ate at a delicious restaurant, but it was all shopping. Blah. So we spent a total of probably 3 hours on shore, and then we went back to relax on the boat!

Archer with his binoculars

And the last few straggler pics, from the boat:

Archer zonked out in bed, under the awesome monkey our housekeeper made. She was super sweet, and left the boys lots of fun things to find!

Sunset from our room...it doesn't look super spectacular in the picture, but I'm guessing it was MUCH better in real life!

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