Friday, October 10, 2014

Just a Photo Dump

I realized how incredibly far behind I was on blogging as I was trying to delete pics off my phone. There are so many I want to keep, but they will only be kept if I blog them, and print a blog book. Because I'm such a great scrapbook-er, obviously. I still haven't gotten the rest of our trip pictures up, but since they aren't on my phone, it will have to wait for another day!

Biking home in a thunderstorm!

I found these Leappads on clearance at Target and got them for the little boys, thinking it would be great for our car trips. It was/is! They are a hit! We had a "sleepover" while watching a Word World episode. They loved it!

And then the car trip. Notice Leappad in hand. And puppy behind, who jumped over the seats 2 seconds later and caused a massive uproar.

John, surrounded by boys, sleeping. 

The boys helping Poppa on the farm

And while we were down at the farm, I decided to dress the boys up nicely and take some pictures (since I was too cheap to buy school pictures, but I really wanted some updated photos for our wall!). I think they turned out pretty well, for an amateur anyway. :)

So, the trip was good. Our freezer is stocked with beef. And we are back to a busy-busy-busy week. I'm ready for things to slow down a bit!

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