Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Only 6 Months Later...

The rest of our cruise pictures. FINALLY. I am so ecstatic that we have our camera back (well, let's be honest...who cares about the camera itself! I just wanted the pictures.) but now it means that I am forced to look at pictures of warm, sunny, tropical places that I would love to visit again. And I know that, even though it doesn't really feel like Fall yet, we are headed to COLD WEATHER any day now.

I really wish these were back with the other pictures from our trip, but since I recently printed a blog book, I guess I am stuck with them being completely out of order so they get in the next book!

First up: Roatan, Honduras!

 Yeah...I had gotten a little bit of sun! :)

I LOVE this picture! John's sunburned feet, and Archer's crack showing. Hilarious!

Even funnier that Archer still had his pirate face paint on from Kid's Club. He refused to let us wash his face, so he had a mustache. 

The kids loved these little crabs that would bury themselves in the sand.

The beach that we wandered on to was perfect for the kids. It was really shallow for a ways out, and it was so calm that the boys were all snorkeling around in the water without making me panic!

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