Sunday, October 26, 2014

The End

The The boys had their last soccer games! P & B finished with a win on Saturday, and Archher's last game was the week before. I was very ready for soccer to be over. I know it's a pretty short season, but having 3 boys playing makes it seem like never-ending soccer games. Add to it the fact that John was coaching Archer's team, and it felt like we were always at a soccer event (and if we weren't, it was cub scouts!). 

We had fun parties for the boys' teams at the pizza place down the street from our house. We discovered that they do 2 free large pizzas for the teams, so it was a no brainer for us! Of course we ended up buying gluten free pizza for Arch and me, but it still was a pretty nice deal for the team to be provided with pizza.

I'm glad to be done with soccer for sure, but the boys all had such a fun season, and we really couldn't have asked for better weather for a Fall soccer season! It was a little cold towards the end, but the games were never rained on which is amazing! I loved how much my boys all improved this season. P & B really took things pretty seriously and hustled like crazy on the field (but still did a great job at showing good sportsmanship, which made me happy!), and Arch managed to always have fun (or at least look like he was having fun, even if he was cold, or tired, or whatever else a 5 year old complains of!). So, I'm glad it's over, but I'm also glad we had another successful soccer season!

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