Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Preston (2006)

Bryton (2008)

Archer (2010)

John and I took a spontaneous "pre-baby" vacation in Sept. 2005 to Hawaii (Kauai). We only stayed for a few days but we crammed A LOT of fun into those few days. Yeah, fun like taking a boat up to the Na Pali coast and me puking my guts out on the way back (blame the baby, right?). Anyway, we bought this cute Future Surf Dude shirt while we were in Hawaii and it has managed to survive all 3 boys. I'm not really a sentimental person when it comes to "stuff." I regularly purge my house of all non-essential items, including things that might be considered sentimental...but, I think I'm going to keep this shirt. Maybe it will fit on the Cabbage Patch (because my Mom does save stuff like that...the boys have my old Cabbage Patch doll - the Barbies and My Little Ponies went in the garage sale pile though!).

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  1. I love that you have pictures of all of them in it! So Cute!