Thursday, September 9, 2010

Midday Bliss?


I don't think I'm exactly "stay-at-home-mom" material. I'm not one of those people who you meet and think "oh, she's PERFECT for staying home with her kids." I don't relish playdates, homeschooling, or taking my kids for fun and educational outings. Some days I feel like (1) pulling my hair out (2) going into the closet, shutting the door, and curling up in the corner (3) plunking my kids in front of PBS. I have yet to do #1 or 2, but #3 occasionally occurs around here on days when John is working on a Friday or the kids are sick. I do enjoy it (most of the time), but it's not really something I've always aspired to do, which is strange considering my mom was a stay-at-home mom (and one of those people who IS perfect for it). But it has always been my opinion that it's important for one parent to stay home if it is financially possible, and given the fact that one of the parents in this family has a DMD, and the other has a BS in do the math - it's pretty obvious who gets to stay home with the kids!

Anyway, I'm totally off track. Naptime is my time during the day that is supposed to keep me sane. The last 3 nights Archer has been up for a good portion of the night with a fever, and considering his lack of other symptoms, I'm assuming he's teething. This kid is a TERRIBLE teether. He wakes up crying everything 45 min or so and needs consoling in order to go back to sleep. I've been craving a nap myself, but since it is next to impossible to get all 3 of the boys down for a nap at the same time (especially since Preston rarely takes a nap these days) I was resigned to nights of little-to-no sleep and days of coffee, coffee, and more coffee. But yesterday I GOT A NAP! The boys all overlapped in their naps by about an hour (even Preston!) and I got about 45 minutes of sleep! AMAZING and so, so, so needed. I woke up and cleaned the house. Totally energized.


Today at naptime, I had hope. I thought maybe it would happen again. Apparently the fact that this has happened only a couple of times in the past year+ escaped me and I got my hopes up. Not smart. Of course there was no nap for me, and I seem to be even more tired because I was expecting a nap. Archer decided that he would take a little catnap and then spend the afternoon clinging to me, fussing, and pulling my hair. And my patience is completely shot.

It's only temporary...right???

My view this afternoon - I need a vacation!

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