Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We've been having BEAUTIFUL weather here and I just want it to go on and on and on...
It's like the perfect mix of summer and fall. Summer weather (warm but not hot, sunny, perfect!) but it gets dark early and stays dark later in the morning which means my boys think that they are supposed to be sleeping (except Archer who still hasn't quite figured out that night = sleep).

Last night we went for a nice long bike ride to the park, and then to the store for ice cream. We got back just as it was starting to get dark, the boys jumped in the bath, and went to bed pretty much right away because they thought it was late! So by about 8:00, I was holding Archer to try to get him to go to sleep, and reading my nook. Life is good. (I am currently sucked into this series that has outrageously long books, and seems to be never-ending...not that I'm complaining but it means that I am probably spending way too much time reading.)

Add to that the fact that John got a letter yesterday informing him that he had been awarded loan repayment for renewing his contract for another 2 years and I'm a happy camper! John received a scholarship in that paid for his last 3 years of dental school, provided that he worked at an eligible site for 3 years after graduation (but don't worry, his first year of dental school carried a HEFTY price for tuition, supplies, and misc. expenses). His 3 years was up in August, but since he enjoys his job and we like where we are (and he still has outrageous amounts of student loans from undergrad and his first year of dental school), we decided to go for at least another 2 years for loan repayment. If he decides to renew for 1 more year after that, it will completely pay off his student loans! Woohoo! Mine are on track to be paid off by early next year, so this is a pretty big deal to us. Hopefully by the time I actually get around to going back to school, we will be debt-free!

Alright, off to enjoy the day!!!

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