Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jasper Count

Jasper destruction over the last few days:
(1) ate approximately 3 sticks of butter (including the wrappers)
(2) ate 1 blackberry bush
(3) ate 3 pumpkins, vines and all - the boys were crushed because these were their Halloween pumpkins
(4) chewed up and presumably ate most of a big piece of wood
(5) chewed up a sock
(6) ate some zucchini leaves (she couldn't reach the actually zucchinis)
(7) ate countless green cherry tomatoes

Hmmm...I might be adding to this list as I remember more things!


  1. Well, HEY THERE! You're on Facebook and you BLOG too?? Why aren't we better friends, that's what I want to know ;) I love that you post every day, that is so great. Not many people can manage that. Love this post about your dog. It reminds me of why we do not have a dog, which is valuable because it seems to be all my oldest can think about. Super funny stuff, Melissa!

  2. Yeah, why AREN'T we better friends?! I was thinking that too while browsing your blog! :) We should get our boys together sometime!
    If you decide you DO want a dog, I know of a really cute lab who is GREAT with kids...just a little destructive and loves to eat plants! :) Just kidding...sort of!