Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rock Climbing

The boys have been BEGGING to go rock climbing at the Kroc, but so far we haven't had a chance. It seems like every time we are there, the wall is closed or we are there for swimming lessons...or, we plan to go and then something happens (like the boys refuse to take a nap...no big deal for Preston but it IS a big deal for Bryton and it makes all outings turn into a HUGE ordeal). Anyway, the boys apparently decided to take things into their own hands and rigged up their own harness out of a jump rope. I wish I was quick enough to get a picture of Bryton, but they must be pretty adept at "harnessing" each other because by the time I got the camera, Preston was up the "rock wall."

Let's hope I don't find them in the entryway trying to scale the wall to get upstairs!
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