Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day, Part 1

I know, it's not even Mother's Day yet. And really, these are things we would probably do on a "normal" weekend anyway...but I like I claim the entire weekend as "Mother's Day Weekend" just so I can milk it a little longer!

Yesterday wasn't super eventful...yard work all day, a short bike ride to pick P up from school, and BBQ with our home group from church. Today we woke up bright and early and we got most of the garden planted. Plus I got a bunch of the weeds cleared out from around our raspberries. We still have a few things to plant (green beans, corn, and I'm sure a few other things), but it looks really good so far. Not as good as pretty raised beds, but it'll do for now. Then we took the boys to Silverwood, which was fun but crowded. Poor Arch couldn't ride a bunch of rides due to his broken arm so that put a bit of a damper on things for him until we got some ice cream. I did feel sorry for him though, poor kid would get up to the front of a line to go on a ride only to be sent away.

We came home pretty much exhausted, and BBQ'd again (bean burgers and Brussels sprouts, yum!). Then movie night: Peter Pan. The boys had never seen Peter Pan, although we have read the book, and they loved it! Now John and the boys are plotting what to make me for breakfast in the morning, so I'm pretty sure the Mother's Day fun will continue throughout the actual Mother's Day as well.

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