Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day, Part 2

Yesterday morning, my thoughtful boys decided what to make me for breakfast: an egg quesadilla with lots of veggies & hot sauce, with grapefruit (they actually told John we should have peaches, but they had to settle for grapefruit). They served it to me in bed and I actually ate in peace and quiet which is extremely rare lately!

Preston had orchestrated a complicated treasure hunt for me, involving lots of clues that I had to decipher (made even more complicated by first-grade spelling!), leading me to various presents he had hidden around the house. I received lots and lots of beautiful homemade gifts, flowers that Preston planted at school (marigolds perhaps?), along with $1. Best Mother's Day ever!

After church, we went greenhouse shopping (which is my other Mother's Day present, but pretty sure we're going to build one from scratch instead of getting a kit). I didn't have to cook all day long, I got a yummy cherry limeade from Sonic, and even had a little time to read at the end of the day! The best part of the day: I got a picture with my boys where they are all smiling and (pretty much) looking at the camera. Amazing!

I am a lucky mom!

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