Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Purple Cast

On Monday, Archer got his cast on. It was a long week of splint/sling/trying to keep him from displacing the bone! I was pretty relieved for him to finally get the cast on.

They took a few more x-rays to make sure it was still lined up, and it thankfully was. It turns out he also bent his ulna so they wanted to make sure that the radius was in the correct spot as well.

Little boy chose to have a purple cast. It is so bright and he loves it, except he complains of it itching every now and then. He says it doesn't hurt at all anymore though, so that is good since we were hearing complaints multiple times per day when he was in the splint.

2 weeks until a follow-up visit, then hopefully only another 2-3 until the cast is off! Really hoping it's off before summer is in full swing!

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