Sunday, December 12, 2010


...from the perspective of an almost 5 year old. (He must have gotten the "spare" camera at some point and went a little crazy taking pictures.)

Little Brother B.

The Nativity (notice Mary ON TOP of the manger, and Baby Jesus on a palm tree - they'll get it configured correctly some day!).

PJ's & Feet.

Oh look! B's hiding spot under the bookcase (I think he was reading about tiling? Maybe he's planning a home improvement project).

And the random assortment of books on the bookshelf. Very exciting.

Daddy sneaking in a mini-workout (most likely while he was supposed to be watching the older 2!)

Crazy dog.

View from the backseat.
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  1. These totally made me smile. One of my favorite scrap pages I ever did was a collage of all the random photos I found on my camera one day when Haydn obviously snuck the camera outside. Some of them were hilarious.