Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Snow" the Snowman

We have a lot of snow. It's been snowing for over a week straight now, and it's starting to get a little old for me. It seems like it's a little too early for so much snow...I am really hoping it doesn't continue like this all winter! It's funny...the first winter we spent "up North" in Montana, we had crazy snow. Like 3'-4' for an extended amount of time. People kept telling me it was a fluke and they *never* got that much snow. Then the next winter, we had just moved to Idaho and we got tons and tons of snow again. And people said the same thing...this just *never* happens!!! Total fluke. Hmmmm. I've heard that before. I hope this year isn't a fluke too.

We did get a year off from the snow last year, but this year is off to a bad start!

See that carrot sticking up out of the snow? Last night Preston built a snowman named "Snow" (creative huh?). The snowman was laying down in the snow sleeping. This morning, his nose was almost covered!
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  1. What? Snow for months on end isn't magical and exciting? ;-)

  2. I know, crazy huh?! The first winter, I was so excited for the first dusting of snow...but it wore off pretty quickly. I do miss Oregon winters!