Monday, December 20, 2010

The Weekend

1. Got really excited because I won a coupon for 90% off a KitchenAid mixer at Lowe's!
2. Went to go get mixer...paid $15+tax.
3. Stopped to get some food on the way home because hey, it was the weekend and we were enjoying a "leisurely" day together as a family.
4. Preston gets smacked in the head by the handle of the door because some guy coming OUT of the restaurant couldn't see out of a glass door, apparently, and he felt the need to slam the door open with all his strength.
5. Eat food. Preston ices his head. We get free cookies.
6. Start the drive home, enjoying the beautiful snow that has fallen while we were eating.
7. Get hit by an uninsured driver who has a suspended license while we were sitting at the light waiting to turn. He just slid right into us. Ugh.
8. The police officer (who we insisted on calling despite the guy's protests) makes us stay at the scene for an obscene amount of time because she's dealing with the other guy. Did I mention that it was F-R-I-G-I-D?!
9. Leave my poor van in the parking lot.
10. Archer gets bitten by a bird. A tame one, but still! Really, a lot of blood. Blech. But no need for an ER visit, thankfully.
11. Jasper ate some dryer lint. :) That dog is out of control!
12. Find out that Idaho doesn't have uninsured motorist's property damage coverage like we had in Oregon, so we will have to pay our deductible. GRRRRRR. AND our rental coverage is only $20/day...definitely not enough to rent a minivan.
13. Realized that I only have a few days left until Christmas, and I still have 3 Care Bears to make (stuffed ones, obviously). Hmmm...this isn't likely to happen, although I don't have a vehicle to go anywhere so I'll be spending lots of time at home!


  1. archer got bit by a bird?! what kind of bird? mom did not tell me that story!

  2. Yes, he got bit by a conure (I think, I didn't really get a good look at it!). We were at a birthday party and the bird's cage was on the ground, so of course Archer stuck his fingers in. Needless to say, it's kind of a mean bird.

  3. You guys had quite the riotous weekend :( I cannot believe all that happened and then you got sick too. So lame. BUT, you did win a Kitchenaide and THAT, my friend, is SPECTACULAR!!!!

  4. okay, seriously. i love reading your blog. it is super entertaining (although it helps to have 3 little boys to write about!) and i'm really impressed you keep it up so well. enjoy your parents visiting and happy anniversary. hope you are feeling much better. happy new year!