Thursday, December 9, 2010

Say Cheese!

Archer is really starting to pose for the camera. He's such a ham. He does a fake smile and sits really still until he hears the click. Then he's off and running, although he occasionally turns and gives me a cute smile while he's retreating.
Really, he's gotta be the cutest 16 month old on the planet.

And in other "cheese" talk, look what I made!

Mozzarella cheese. Mostly gone already, and greatly enjoyed by the boys (okay, John and I might have eaten a little bit too). I also want to try cheddar, but it looks quite a bit more complicated and it has to age so I thought I'd start with this. I definitely liked the instant gratification of the mozz and it was yummmmmy!
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  1. How in the world did you make that cheese?! That's another thing that I have been trained to believe could only be produced by a factory. Like the Italians had Costco 1000 years ago..... very cool!

  2. Kira,
    Do you know where the Beer/Wine making store is? I think it's on 4th St. Anyway, they sell cheese making kits too! The kit probably isn't necessary, but it seriously simplified the process for me.