Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Bryton officially turns 6 today. We celebrated with friends in Sunday with a BBQ (tons of fun! Beautiful weather! Lots of friends!), and because today is the first day of school, we're keeping it calm. 

I might be having issues this morning. My little B turning 6 and starting kindergarten...too much for me to handle!  He's growing up to be such a sweet and considerate kid. 

At 6...
Bryton loves all things sports. Not watching them, PLAYING them. We are set to start soccer this fall. He's into soccer, baseball, biking, scooter, skateboarding, badminton, the list could go on and on.

Dirt biking. This child wants to do motocross. I am actively discouraging any competitive dirt biking (I couldn't handle it!!), but he zooms around the backyard any chance he gets. And he's good!

Favorite color: blue. Still!

He loves Batman.

He loves Legos.

He still loves hugs and cuddles (thank goodness!).

He sneaks books into his bed constantly, and he loves to learn. He got a list of sight words to work on at school open house and he has been diligently studying them.

I'm about ready I go pick him up from his first day of kindergarten, but here are a few birthday party pics!

Happy birthday Mr. B!

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