Sunday, September 8, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

We have quite a few activities that the boys are doing this fall, and I'm already wondering how we're going to juggle everything. All 3 boys will be doing swimming lessons and soccer, and Preston is planning to start Cub Scouts as well. Along with everyday stuff...we may have overcommitted, but the boys are super excited. Archer actually got to have his first swimming lesson this weekend while the other 2 were at a birthday party, and it was a success! Hoping that all 3 boys will be proficient swimmers by next summer since we spend so much time around the water. 

A few pictures from this weekend...
Swimming! He was so proud of himself...he "floated", went all the way under water, and jumped in to the pool!

John and I had a kid free night (the boys were with Grandma), so we went to our favorite sushi place. (This is John trying the octopus.)

My phone was hijacked by a couple of boys! They took this picture of their lego creation.

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