Monday, September 16, 2013

The Superstar

B was chosen as the first "superstar of the week" for his class! The teacher chooses one kid per week that shows good manners, kindness, a good example to others, etc. We are so proud of our little superstar. 

He got to make a poster all about himself to share with the class, and he gets to be the line leader and special helper all week. He is super excited!

His poster included pictures of him doing his favorite things (dirt biking, fishing, paddleboarding, skiing, skateboarding, at Silverwood), and he cut pictures out of magazines of some of his favorite foods (granola, fruit, veggies), and a picture of bugs which he loves to catch. He also drew pictures of himself camping and roasting marshmallows, a soccer ball, and a picture of his all-time favorite food: taco salad! 

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