Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1, 2, and 3

It seems like I've been blog-neglecting again.  I really want to make a conscious effort to REMEMBER things.  I want to remember what the boys are doing and what's going on in our family.  And all I can seem to take the time for is a quick picture or QOTD sent from my phone.  So today, that changes. 

1.  Preston.  We got out his shorts from last summer (size 5) and they are too small around the waist, but he's still swimming in the bigger sizes.  He's definitely the outgoing one of the bunch.  He will talk to ANYONE about ANYTHING.  I'm not sure that he has a shy bone anywhere on him.  He recently started riding his bike without training wheels, but he doesn't go very far before he completely panics and crashes.  No major injuries yet!  He loves to "rescue" worms and put them into the garden.  He loves to water the plants in the garden as well.

2.  Bryton.  Little B is still...little.  He's recently had a bit of a growth spurt though, and he's fitting nicely into his 3T clothing and even a couple of 4T shirts.  This is a big deal for B, who gets mistaken for Archer's twin on occasion.  He's going through a bit of an attitude phase right now...he's definitely testing his boundaries!  Playing with worms is a favorite of his as well, and he is always wanting to help - especially outside.  He loves to help plant things in the garden, and wheel dirt and/or rocks around in his wheelbarrow.  He also loves to swing and wants to go as high as possible.  Still working on pumping though.

3.  Archer.  I can't believe how big my baby is getting.  He's wearing 2T clothes and has a gigantic belly.  :)  He's closing in on 22 months, and I'm amazed at how quickly it's gone (despite the lack of sleep).  He LOVES fruit.  He will frequently request an orange, then when I start to give it to him, he says he wants a banana.  Then if I say "banana or orange?" he'll say "two."  Then he goes back and forth between banana and orange, teasing me until I give up and just give him one or the other.  It's much cuter in person than typed out on a blog, I promise.  He says a few 2 word sentences, but generally he's still very into non-verbal communication (ie: temper tantrums).  He does everything possible to keep up with his brothers.  He has mastered the climbing wall on our play structure outside, and loves to play in the dirt.  He also loves splashing in puddles.  He tried to help me plant beans outside the other day, but he tried to eat the seeds.  Oops.

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