Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mom Inventions

Not inventions BY mom's, but rather inventions that seem to be specifically FOR mom's.

Ballet flats.
Empire waists.

And (I'm going to show my dorkiness here)...skorts.  For years and years, I steered clear of them.  I can't stand the name of them.  My mom used to make me wear these shorts that looked like skirts when I was little that we referred to as "skorts", and I thought it had scarred me for life.  Then I came upon what I thought was a cute skIrt.  On sale.  From a brand that generally fits me.  I ordered it. 

Oh wait, it's a skOrt.

And I fell in love with it.

Now, it doesn't matter if little boys are tugging on my skirt (still can hardly bring myself to call it by it's rightful name).  It might APPEAR to be slightly indecent, but it's really not.  Oh, and I can also chase little boys in it too.  I can wear it around the house AND look halfway decent to go out in public (or at least looks like I intended to look halfway decent).  I can bend down to pick up a toy or various other object that got chucked across the room, and even if it's in public, it's okay.  I won't flash anyone.  I think I could probably even ride my bike in it, if I chose to do so, but I'm still working on a way to transport all 3 boys via bicycle so that's a no-go anyway unless John is around. 

Definitely a mom invention.  And I just bought another one.  This is what happens when you turn 30.

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  1. well, I have news. They are not just for moms. They are also for young, fashionable little sister's. I bought some athletic ones (well, I guess they are tennis skirts) from old navy last year and have been wearing them around the house the past week. They are so practical and cute! (and yeah, I think I was scarred by mom too.)