Monday, May 9, 2011

The Bad Part of Spring

It's in the 60's.  Sun is shining.  I'm wearing chaco's!  SPRING!

But today I was reminded of the downside to spring weather.  The boys THINK it's HOT outside (Preston told me today that it's summer!), so they play with water and get themselves all wet, muddy, and sandy.  The problem with spring is that it's still too cold to hose them off outside!  So much for my clean house.

That is my one and only complaint about warmer weather.  That's all I got.  I guess the positive part of winter/snow/ice is that it's more difficult for the boys to get dirty.  I'll remember that next winter.  Otherwise I'm a happy camper, since I recovered from my random stomach sickness over the weekend (yeah, on one of the rare days when I can do whatever I want, I get stuck puking my guts out.  Happy Mother's Day to me!).

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