Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Garden

Guess where I am?  Outside.  At 9:00 am.  Without a coat!  The boys are playing in their sandbox (scooping up sand and pretending to "feed the chickens").  I like N. Idaho once again (at least for today...but if the weather turns bad again tomorrow, I reserve the right to retract that statement).

It is actually looking like Spring around here.  I get so excited when things begin to turn green again.  Check out our little spring garden:

Peas!  I'm actually getting ready to plant another round of these but waiting for our last project to be completed first so I have a spot for them.  Realllllly hoping for this weather to continue tomorrow because John has the day off and we could potentially get the project finished...

Out of control raspberry patch that desperately needs to be thinned.  Anyone want some starts?!
Hardy kiwi.  We have 3 of these and it was a little questionable whether or not they were still alive, but all 3 have buds!  (I'm glad I didn't listen to John who thought we should do away with them because they looked so scraggly.)
Strawberries.  We also have strawberries going in our small AeroGarden, and we have blossoms on those!  I think we'll be planting them outside soon though because they have outgrown their indoor living space.  Hmmm...maybe a job for this morning!
One of our new blueberry plants that made the journey back from Oregon with us.  This is a dwarf variety (Top Hat) and it's planted in a watering trough, along with 2 other blueberries and some strawberries.

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